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Mykita High End Eyewear In Charlotte, NC

Curated Designer Eyewear Collection

Autarchic Spec Shop is a boutique spectacle and glasses shop located in the South Park/Montford Park area of Charlotte, NC. We curate unique, designer eyewear that cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

Our friendly optical staff is committed to finding you the perfect frame. Our desire is that you love your look, and enjoy wearing your glasses each day. Glasses are not only a medical device, but they have become a unique personality and fashion accessory. Your glasses are the first thing others notice about you!

Advanced Technology Eye Doctor Charlotte NC

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Eye Care

Our services include: comprehensive eye exams, pre/post lasik care, contact lens analysis, and treatment of ocular conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, allergy, keratoconus, myopia, foreign body removal, and more.

Advanced Technology in Contact Lenses Including Scleral and Orthokeratology

Specialty Contact Lenses and Disease Management

Dr. Courtney Dryer provides comprehensive eye exams in Charlotte, NC and treats eye-related conditions. One of Dr. Dryer's areas of interest include specialty scleral contact lenses for patients with keratoconus and orthokeratology lenses to management myopia (nearsightedness) in children.

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Eye Doctor Charlotte, NC-Dr. Courtney Dryer

Courtney Dryer, OD

Dr. Courtney Dryer calls Charlotte home. She graduated from Charlotte Christian School. She earned her Bachelors degree in Business from Liberty University, and her Doctorate in Optometry from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, 2011.

She opened Autarchic Spec Shop in the Montford Park area of Charlotte in 2013.


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1600 E. Woodlawn Rd. Ste 362
Charlotte, NC 28209