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What are the latest Glaucoma Treatments?

The first line treatment of Glaucoma is the use of one or more topical ophthalmic eye drops to lower the pressure within the eye.

Additional treatments may include laser or eye surgery depending on a patient's individual case and the health of the optic nerve.

Glaucoma Symptoms:

• Loss of peripheral vision
• Difficulty moving around without running into things
• An increased feel of pressure behind the eye

Many times there are not any symptoms until the disease has progressed.  Annual eye exams can prevent vision loss from Glaucoma.




Glaucoma Causes

Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure increases in the eye, and causes damage to the optic nerve. This can be due to a number of reasons.

First, trauma of the eye can lead to the development of Glaucoma due to anatomical damage to the eye.

Second, certain medical conditions such as Herpes Simplex and medications like topical steroids can lead to Glaucoma.

Third, Certain anatomical differences in eye structure can lead to Glaucoma. This may include narrow angles, IOP, and corneal thickness.

Who is most at risk for Glaucoma?

African Americans, over 60, steroid-users, with a family history are most at risk.

Additionally, patients with medical conditions such as migraines and use a C-PAP when sleeping are more at risk for Glaucoma.

Does glaucoma run in families?

Lastly, genetic factors such as race and family history are risk factors. Family history can increase your risk 4-9x.


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