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Have You Had A Diabetic Dilated Eye Exam This Year?

Diabetes is a systemic condition where the body is unable to process glucose correctly.

Diabetes, both controlled and uncontrolled, can drastically affect the eye.  Glucose levels cause the little blood vessels in the eye to break down and leak. This leads to vision loss because of localized swelling and possible development of leaky blood vessels called Neovascularization.  Furthermore, retinal detachments can also be a common result of diabetic retinopathy.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to enormous problems within the eye. Diabetes can cause bleeding, swelling, and retinal detachments leading to permanent vision loss.

​Furthermore, Type 1 diabetics are more at risk of retinopathy because they live with the disease for many years.

Annual monitoring is required because careful evaluation can prevent vision loss.

What are the latest Diabetic Retinopathy Treatments?

The best way to treat diabetic retinopathy is to prevent it. For every percentage point that one reduces their Alc, the risk of retinopathy reduces by 40%. Once diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, patients will be monitored more frequently or referred for treatment if advanced.

How is one diagnosed with Diabetes?

Diabetes Symptoms:

• Inconsistently blurry vision, especially after eating
• Excessive thirst or hunger
• Frequent urination
• Weight loss or gain
• Slow-healing wounds

Diabetes Causes:

Diabetes can be caused by either the body's inability to produce glucose (type 1) or the body process it correctly (type 2).

Do you need a dilated Diabetic eye exam?

For more information on a dilated fundus exam for Diabetes, call the office.

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