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What is the latest Myopia managment & treatments?

Does your child's myopia prescription continue progressing each year?

If your child already wears glasses, and their prescription seems to increase each year, there are three current treatment methods to reduce myopia progression.


Atropine is an eye drop that can be placed in the child’s eyes daily. The eye drop is suspected to work by reducing over-focusing of the child when reading or using digital devices. The exact mechanism is not known.

Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses

Children do very well with contacts; age is not a factor. Maturity levels vary by child. Multifocal lenses work to prevent myopia due to lens design. The central portion of a multifocal lens provides the distance vision correction while the periphery reduces hyperopic defocus. In turn,  the stimulus for myopia progression is minimized by focusing the light in front of the peripheral retina.  Lastly, This prevents the eye from getting longer and in turn the prescription from progressing at a higher rate.


Orthokeratology is the use of contact lenses to mold the cornea while the child sleeps overnight. During the day, glasses and contacts are no longer needed. This is a fantastic option for athletes, children with outdoor hobbies, and children who do not want to wear glasses.

Myopia Symptoms:

• Vision is blurry in the distance
• Difficulty focusing in the distance
• Squinting in the distance
• Headaches
• Difficulty viewing signs while driving

Myopia Causes:

There are many genetic and environmental factors thought to influence the development of myopia or the inability to see in the distance.

A child's vision should be checked prior to beginning kindergarten. Furthermore, they should be evaluated each year after.

Studies shows there is direct correlation between children who wear glasses and the amount of time they spend on up close tasks like reading or using their phones.

Children most at risk include:

• parents wear glasses

• read for significant periods of time

• spend less then 2 hours outside daily

• inappropriate posture when performing near tasks

Parents with children under 5 should limit digital device to 1 hour a day only. Additionally, children under 1 should not have any exposure to digital devices.

Interested in having your child evaluated to slow progression of their Myopia?

For more information on your child's vision, visit our blog.

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