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What are the latest computer vision syndrome treatments?

Anti-glare treatments

We offer only premium anti-glare treatments. These treatments go through multiple steps in the lab to bind them to the lens. Furthermore, this process insures there is no separation between the layers.  Because of this multi-step process, the anti-reflective coating has extended warranty and will have increased durability. In addition, a scratch resistance layer is part of the anti-glare treatment.

Blue-blocking treatments

Blue-blocking anti-reflective treatments are a new development in eye glass treatments. The research is still out on whether blue-blocking treatments are effective in decreasing eye strain or end-of-day fatigue. Most evidence is anecdotal.

Anti-fatigue lenses

Anti-fatigue lenses have evolved to combat the eye strain due to digital devices and computers. They are ideal for students and computer users. Additionally, they have taken the place of traditional readers, allowing wears to switch focus from distance to near without having to remove eye glasses.


Tints in certain colors may be effective for treating light sensitivity, head injuries or for migraine sufferers.

Computer lenses

Computer lenses have evolved as the most effective solution for those over 40 wearing traditional "cheaters" or over the counter readers.  Computer lenses give users a wide intermediate distance for multiple desktop monitors and the ability to view laptops, phones or paperwork at the same time.

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms:

• End of day eye fatigue
• Headaches
• Increased sensitivity to light and glare
• Burning eyes
• Trouble focusing
• Variable blurry vision
• Dry eye

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes:

Do computers and/or phones make your vision worse?

The research is still out the computer's effect on the eye.  Accomodation or focusing can be effected when the eye is having to exert too much effort up close all day. Compare this to lifting weights all day, your arms would be tired.  Many solutions are possible to relax your eyes and eliminate headaches.



Eye fatigue after computer work?

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