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Dry Eye and Eye Drops

Current treatments begin with a specific brand of over the counter eye drop, and progress to steroids and prescription eye drops such as Xiidra and Restasis.

Oral Medications & Supplements

Do your eyes always water? Depending on the cause of your dry eye, oral medications may improve your meiombian gland function and help balance the tear film of the eye. Furthermore, adding a supplement with Omega-3 and Fish oil is a healthy addition to improve your eyes as well as improve overall systemic health.

Punctal Plugs for Dry Eyes

The use of punctual plugs has proven to be a successful treatment. By occluding the punctual, tears as well as topical medications stay on the surface of the eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms:

• Inconsistent blurry vision
• Burning eyes
• Red eyes
• Sandy, gritty eyes
• Foreign body sensation
• Eye fatigue


Dry Eye Causes

  • Dry eye is a disease caused by many environmental and genetic factors.
  • Many over the counter cold and allergy medications contributed to dry eye.
  • Women are more at risk due to hormonal factors.
  • Systemic conditions like Lupus, Sjogrens Syndrome, allergy sufferers, and Thyroid conditions can all exacerbate eye dryness.
  • Lastly, environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, and pollen are major factors here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Interested in a Dry Eye Evaluation?

Evaluations and treatments are covered under your medical insurance.

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