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We offer individualized frame styling and customized eyeglass lens selection based on our patients' visual demands. Dr. Courtney Dryer will assess your visual demands and prescribe the best solution.

At Autarchic Spec Shop, we use  high quality premium progressive lenses, anti-reflective treatments, and high end eyewear frames.

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Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are lenses that provide optimal vision at distance, intermediate or near. There are many types of progressive lenses on the market, and you will pay more for a quality lens. The best progressive lenses are digital lenses. They eliminated virtually any fish bowl feeling, and are easy for patients to adapt. They are wider corridors for more natural viewing without moving your head as much. The doctor will evaluate your prescription, and your day to day visual demands, occupation, and computer use to prescribe the best type of progressive lens for your lifestyle. 

Computer Lenses

A computer lens is a great options for someone who spends most of their day on the computer, but sees great in the distance. Computer lenses give you perfect vision at both the intermediate and near distance. 

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

This lens has been a great solution for those suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome. This lens has a little bump in the reading to help relax the eyes for digital device use.

Digital Single Vision Lenses

This is different then a regular single vision stock lens. This is a digital lens which optimized your lens for your prescription in your frame.  This is the lens of choice for patients with high prescriptions or astigmatism.


Anti-Glare Treatments

It's vital to never buy glasses without a quality anti-glare treatment. These lenses provide clear vision by cutting reflections off of computer monitors or car lights at night. Good lenses can never be made in one day. Quality anti-glare treatments must curate in the lab for over a day and a half. You will pay more for a quality anti-glare treatment, but it will never peel or spot.

Blue Light Anti-Glare Treatments

While research is still out on the effects of blue light on the eye, many patients who spend hours on the computer opt to have their glasses lenses treated with a blue light blocker.Some studies show this is beneficial to helping end-of-day eye fatigue. Research is still vague in this area.

Transitions Generation 8

Transition Generation 8 is the newest advancement in Transition lens technology. This lens is activated in the sunlight, and turns back to clear faster then ever before! Transition lenses are also available in mirror colors. Transitions lenses also block a percentage of blue light.


UV Coatings

We also have a large variety of UV-A/ UV-B protectant, polarized sunglasses. Our sunglasses can be non-prescription or prescription.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses eliminate glare and enhance color vision.  These qualities make them ideal for fisherman or skiers.  Furthermore, they can drastically reduce the glare off of roads when raining. For these reasons, we recommend a polarized enhancement for all patients.  It is one of best investments you will make in your eyewear!

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are a fashion upgrade to your sunglasses frame. Mirrors are available in all tints and can be a fun addition for creating a customized look!

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