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Top 3 New Daily Contact Lenses for 2021

Daily Contacts for 2021 Daily contacts are now the most popular modality of lens due to allday comfort and quality of vision.  Due to the increase in popularity, the choices on the market increase yearly.  There are many available at different price points depending upon patient needs. Switching a patient to a daily lens from […]

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3 Ways to Take Proper Care of your Contact Lenses

Lens Care Tips Proper care of your contact lenses is important to prevent eye infections and corneal scars. Contact lens care includes cleaning, storing, and which drops may be safe to use with contact lenses. In order to maintain proper hygiene and prevent long-term eye complications,  contact lenses should only be worn according to their […]

Myopia Management with Misight soft contacts

Myopia Progression: Why & How to Prevent Your Child’s Vision from Worsening

MYOPIA MANAGEMENT Does your child wear glasses for viewing things in the distance like watching TV or seeing the board at school? Did he or she start wearing glasses at young age? Does the glasses prescription worsen each year? A children’s vision exam should be perfomed every 6-12 months to assess eye and vision changes. […]

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5 Best Eyeglass Frame Materials

Best Materials for Eyeglass Frames Looking for a light-weight frame? Does your child break their glasses frequently? Looking for something more durable?  Are you looking for a unique and luxury pair of frames?  Whatever you are looking for, there is a unique frame material for you. Titanium Eyeglasses Titanium is known for being a light-weight, […]

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What is Astigmatism and How Can it be Corrected?

Astigmatism Correction When you look at letters and numbers do they all appear to be blurry around the edges? Are sports scores, Netflix titles, and the TV guide channel difficult to read?  Do car lights at night have a halo effect around them making it difficult to see? Do your eyes feel tired after computer […]

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What are Transitions Lenses?

Transition Lenses  What are Transitions lenses? Transition lenses are photochromatic lenses which change from light to dark depending on exposure to light. Millions of photochromatic molecules are activated by exposure to UV light from the sun.  Transitions have been on the market for awhile, but the technology had improved significantly over the years.  More color […]

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Are Scleral Contact Lenses a Good Option For Me?

Scleral Contacts For Keratoconus, Astigmatism, and Hard-to-fit Corneas What is a scleral  contact lens? A scleral lens is a  large diameter gas permeable lens that is designed to bridge the entire cornea and sit on the sclera of the eye.  Due to the large size, it is more comfortable and stable than a traditional rigid […]

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7 Reasons To Avoid Sleeping in Contact Lenses

Overnight Contact Lens Wear Overwearing and sleeping in contacts is typical of many contact lens wearers, however; it can result in scarring, corneal complications, and even blindness. Although lenses have improved significantly in quality and technology,  it still should be thought of as a piece of plastic that reduces oxygen flow to your corneas.  Closed […]

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Interested in Contact Lenses For Reading After 40?

Contact Lenses for Reading Did your ability to see up close change over night?  After or around the age of 40, the lens inside the eye has a reduced ability to focus; this is a normal change in the muscles and lens structure. There is nothing you can do to change it. All of us […]

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Eyeris Daily Lenses – New Technology, Cheap Daily Lens

Eyeris: The Newest Daily Lens Eyeris is the newest daily lens on the market designed by optometrists. The lens allows us to offer great technology and comfort at an affordable price.  Eyeris lenses typically retail around $57 for a 90 day supply. This makes a year supply of daily contacts much more affordable. When compared […]

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Computer Glasses for Eye Strain and Glare

Computer Glasses for Eye Strain and Glare What are computer glasses? Computer glasses are a very generic term and can mean various things. When online manufacturers such as Felix Grey or Amazon refer to computer glasses, they typically sell lenses without any prescription which may or may not have an anti-glare coating. This is unlikely […]

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5 Things To Know About Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses? After 40 one’s near vision gradually becomes blurry. This is due to changes in the lens inside of the eye. The eye is unable to focus at near.  Eye doctors call this Presbyopia.  The solution for patients may include: reading glasses, computer glasses, contacts or progressive lenses. For a majority of […]

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5 Best Sunglasses For UV Protection

5 Best Sunglasses For UV Protection All sunglasses should be purchased from a reputable source and should have both UV-A and UV-B protection.    Additionally, sunglasses should screen out 75-90% of visible light. What is UV protection? UV protection is an addition to lenses that blocks ultraviolet from reaching the skin. UV exposure can result […]

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Suffering from Itchy, Watery, Allergy Eyes?

Suffering from Itchy, Watery, Allergy Eyes? An allergy occurs when the immune system over-reacts to an allergen. An allergic response can be triggered by a change in environments, seasons or exposure to something new. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of allergic disease, and the number is increasing.  Charlotte, NC consistently ranks in […]

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COVID-19, Contact Lenses, and Your Eyes

COVID-19 and its effects on the eyes COVID-19 is respiratory virus causing a worldwide pandemic.  Typical signs and symptoms of the virus have become well-known. Patients with a fever and/or respiratory symptoms, cough, shortness or breathe or having traveled over seas are considered suspect. Other less common symptoms noted can be headaches, loss of taste […]