Best Materials for Eyeglass Frames

Looking for a light-weight frame? Does your child break their glasses frequently? Looking for something more durable?  Are you looking for a unique and luxury pair of frames?  Whatever you are looking for, there is a unique frame material for you.

Titanium Eyeglasses

Titanium is known for being a light-weight, but very durable metal.  For most high-end frame companies, titanium is their metal of preference. Some even make the nose pads from titanium. If you are looking for a premium metal frame, one should only buy titanium.

Stainless Steel Eyeglasses

Stainless steel is also a light-weight metal, slightly less durable, but also cheaper than titanium. It has proven to be durable for eyewear.  If a metal frame does not say stainless steel or titanium, it is most likely a combination of cheaper metals.

Ultem Eyeglasses

Ultem is a durable, light-weight material that looks like a plastic frame. This is my preferred frame material for children; kids and parents both love it.  Ultem is technically considered a thermoplastic polyetherimide which combines great mechanical and thermal properties. This allows it to bend without breaking and prevent altering under severe heat or cold temperatures.

Mazzucchelli Acetate Eyeglasses

Most frames are referred to as either metal or acetate (plastic). The best acetate is made by the Mazzuccheli family in Italy.  Companies such as Warby Parker claim to use this acetate, but it is made in places like Korea or China.  One can feel the difference when holding the materials. The Italian kind holds it shape better and is more solid.  This is the difference in luxury eyewear brands. When looking at glasses, an optician should be able to show you the differences in materials.

Horn Eyeglasses

Horn frames are considered the ultimate in luxury eyewear.  They are difficult to find and sensitive to frame alterations.  Manipulations must be done carefully. Authenticate horn frames are made from the horn of asian water buffalo and can cost around $1,000. They are difficult and rare to find.

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