Blush Pink is the new Tortoise

blush pink frame at Autarchic Spec Shop

Are Blush Pink Eyeglass Frames as Classic as Tortoise?

Tired of Tortoise?

Are you tired of wearing just black or brown glasses, but don't want your glasses to clash with what you are wearing?

Tortoise has been our go-to neutral eyeglass frame color of choice for decades. It is  loved because it looks good with many complexions and hair colors. It is easy to wear with any color or pattern. Tortoise eyeglass frames can be worn in any season with any style of dress. They transcends gender and age!

However, We now have  a new competitor for tortoise shell frames in blush pink eyeglass frames. Clear frames with just a tint of color have become the new neutral. They are easy to wear with dress clothes or dress down with jeans. They appear modern and updated, but will not soon go out of style.


Variations in a blush pink eye glass frames for men

For men, clear (transparent) frames have been extremely popular for the last several years.

Recently, clear eyeglass frames have been tinted with a little color.  Grey and tea colored frames are great options for men looking for something unique! These frame colors can be easily paired for the office or the golf course!

How to wear blush pink eye glass frames

Blush pink frames add slight color and blush to any face.  Dress them up with a little black dress or wear them with a fashion tee and blazer.  They are a natural enhancer to any eye color!

Additionally,  blush eye glass frames naturally enhance eye make-up. They do not limit you to a certain eye shadow or eye liner.

In conclusion, they are truly versatile in the world of fashion.

We have the largest selection of blush pink frames in Charlotte, NC.

From round shapes to rectangles, from Mykita brand frames to Cinzia brand frames, we have all face shapes and styles covered.

Clip-on  polarized sunglasses are also available with many current styles!

Looking for a blush pink eye glass frame in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Come see our collection at Autarchic Spec Shop!

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