Healthy Eyes

One of the most commonly asked questions of eye doctors remains "Is there anyway I can improve the health of my eyes?"While preventing your presciption from becoming worse or prevention of Glaucoma may not be possible, there are several practical things one may do to improve the vision and comfort of your eyes in 2021.  Protecting your eyes from the sun, treating dry eye, and eliminating end of the day eye fatigue can be beneficial for long-term eye health.

UV Protection

Protecting your eyes and skin from UV exposure is one of the most important items one can do.  The accumulation of UV over the course of one's life leads to early cataracts and even Macular Degeneration.  Those with light eyes including blue or hazel are even more at risk.  Most sun exposure we received is before the age of 21 when outside playing without sunglasses. Children and teens have a more susceptible lens inside the eye, which allows more light to enter, It is important for all kids to wear sunglasses when outside playing or while involved in sports.

All sunglasses should protect against UV-A and UV=B.  Polarized lenses provide better vision, enhanced contrast, and increased clarity. They reduce glare and make colors pop!

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a common problem in Charlotte, NC.  The combination of the seasonal weather ,allergy season, and the use of computers exacerbates the problem.  Medications, gender, and age, and contact lens wear can also be contributing factors.

Dry eye can become a serious problem.  It can lead to a reduction in vision, tear quality, and discomfort. Common symptoms of dry eye include: burning, itching, redness, and a sandy, gritty eye.

Many patients believe an over-the-counter artifical tear is the only way to treat dry eye; however, there are many other treatments available.  Not all over-the-counter tears are the same, and a dry eye assessment can help an eye doctor prescribe the best dry eye treatment plan for your eyes.

Eye Fatigue Treatments

According to a recent study, computer usage during COVID is up to 13 hours a day, which is a 60% increase.  This extended time on our digital devices can lead to eye fatigue, burning eyes, and fluctuations in vision.  For all computer users, a visual assessment should be conducted. Sometimes those with slight prescriptions like astigmatism,  can have their computer vision drastically improved.  The goal is glasses will do the work for you so that your eyes do not have to do it.  The social media buzz around blue light glasses is controversial. The American Academy of Ophthamology does not recommend blue light glasses for computer work.  Recommendations for improving eye fatigue include decreasing the contrast on your monitor, using a desktop computer over a laptop, and take frequent breaks to relax your eyes.

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