Progressive Lenses

Did you near vision become blurry overnight?  Presbyopia is the term for changes in the lens and muscles within the eye, which results in blurry near vision.  There is nothing you can do or that you did to prevent or cause presbyopia.  It happens to us all, and it becomes progressively worse between 40 and 65.

What is a progressive lens?

A progressive len is a spectacle lens with a multitude of different powers so the wearer can see at all distances.  The lens is not simply a trifocal or bifocal, which have 3 or 2 different powers, but powers for all intermediate distances including  phone or digital device distances.

Progressive lenses give you the capability to shop in a store and see prices without taking your readers on and off.  They give you flexibility to see a menu while at dinner with your family, but still see your family across the table without taking reading glasses on and off.

Am I a good candidate for a progressive lens?

If you wear glasses for distance and now need extra power for reading, you are a great candidate! For those who can remove their glasses to read, they are also candidates.  Most people grow tired of taking their glasses on and off to perform everyday tasks.

Many occupations like professors,doctors, truck drivers or those in sales need to be able to see at many different distances at the same time.  Progressives provide flexibility.

Patients with vertigo, double-vision or get motion sickness should discuss with their eye doctor prior on the best solution.

What I should expect with a progressive lens?

You should expect a learning and adaptation period. As with any glasses prescription, sometimes it will take the brain and eyes a few weeks to adapt. Your brain and your eyes adapt to find where in the lens you should look in order to find distance, intermediate, and near.

Things appearing 3d or feeling your depth perception is off, are common findings.  Many times, computer distances and the distance one hold their book need to be changed.  Sometimes, a simple adjustment must be made to the desk and/or chair to enable the wearer to find the correct part of the progressive lens to view the computer.

Additionally, eye-rollers must learn to  point their nose towards what they are viewing instead of just moving their eyes.

Are all progressive lenses the same?

All progressive lenses are not the same, and your doctor will make recommendations based on your lifestyle. There are many models and manufacturers such as the car industry. Similar to cars, you pay more for the best model with the best design, and the latest technology.

If continuing with the car example, a Kia and a Lexus' cost and features are very different because you are paying for the luxury of the car. The more features you buy, the higher the cost.

Progressive lens technology has improved significantly since the 80's and 90's. They have widened channels and decreased peripheral blur. This has eliiminated some adaptation, and removed the feeling some had of living in a fish bowl.  Driving in progressives is easier than ever.

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