Lens Care Tips

Proper care of your contact lenses is important to prevent eye infections and corneal scars. Contact lens care includes cleaning, storing, and which drops may be safe to use with contact lenses. In order to maintain proper hygiene and prevent long-term eye complications,  contact lenses should only be worn according to their wear schedule.  Contacts should never be slept in.  Only solutions and drops recommended by your eye doctor should be used in conjunction with your brand of contact lenses.

How to clean your contacts lenses

No matter the brand of your contact lenses,  the best two solutions on the market are Clearcare and Revitalens. These two solutions have been proven to reduce contact lens pathologens to 1% of less for all contact lens brands.  Renu is the least effective contact lens solution. If you are concerned about proper cleaning with your brand of lens, the science was comparable using the staining grid.  The solutions that performed poorly contained cleaning agents that led to corneal staining.

Clearcare was the solution of choice amongst many doctors as it did not contain preservatives and deeply cleans lenses without requiring any effort by the contact lens wearer.  In contrast, Revitalens performs just as well, but must the wearer must follow box instructions.

With any cleaner, its important to read and follow all box instructions to insure your lens is cleaned properly.  We know that monthly lenses require better cleaning to maintain long-term comfort and safety. If the box says you must rub the lenses, this step is imperative to prevent infection.

Daily lenses have quickly become the choice by eye doctors.  They are easy to maintain, care for, and reduce the risk of infection.  They eliminate lens smudging, build-up, and red eyes.

How to store your contact lenses

Contact lenses should be stored properly to prevent infections.  Fungal, Bacteria and Protozoan infections can lead to blindness. When lenses are removed at night, and after proper cleaning, they should be stored in fresh solution.  In the morning after lens insertion, the case should be cleaned with soap and hot water. The case should be left to air dry with the lids off.  Each time a new bottle of solution is opened, the case should be replaced.

If a peroxide based solution like Clearcare is used, the contacts need to neuturalize in the hydrogen peroxide over 6 hours. If you remove them prior, your eyes will burn. Clearcare solution should only be used with the proper basket case, and the basket should be replaced each time a new solution is bought. Additionally, it is important the lenses are entirely within the basket or they may rip upon removal.

Using dry eye and allergy drops with your contact lenses

It's important to consider the type of re-wetting drop for use with your contact lenses.  Over-the-counter drops like Visine or certain allergy drops are not appropriate to use.  They can build up on your lenses creating blur and debris. Artifical tears drops often have preservatives that may cause dry eye in contact lens wearers. Some drops may be a solution vs a gel, and may of more benefit depending on the cause of the dry eye. It's important to consult with your eye doctor on the best drop for your eyes, and your particular lenses.


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