Intraocular Len Implants

Has your vision become blurred? Are more halos apparent during night driving?  Your doctor says it times for cataract surgery. Cataracts occur when the lens inside the eye becomes yellowed or altered over time.  This change can be a normal aging change or it can be the result of trauma or use of certain medications. During cataract surgery, the lens inside the eye is removed and is replaced with an intraocular lens. Your best corrected vision and glare sensitivity are factors to being eligible for surgery.

Cataract surgery has improved significantly in technology. It is an out patient procedure.  Most times, surgery is performed on one eye, with the other eye operated on after 2-3 weeks.  Drops for infection and inflammation are necessary for a week after the procedure.

Your eye doctor and the surgeon will offer information as to which option for surgery may be best for you. Having an idea of your options prior to consult can help to make a confident decision.

Distance only intra ocular lens

What is a distance only lens implant?

A distance only lens means the intraocular lens inserted in the eye corrects for the patient's distance only glasses prescription. It eliminates the need for the patient to wear glasses for distance; however, it does not correct the reading or computer distance for the patient.  The patient will still need glasses for any up close tasks.  Distance only implants are typically covered by most insurances including Medicare if the right conditions are meet.

Am I a good candidate?

If one desires perfect distance, this is the preferred method. As most insurance companies cover distance only, it is the most cost effective option. This lens option may preferrable to those who primarily do computer work because glasses for near only are needed. It may be more difficult for those with jobs who work at many different distances on their feet throughout the day.

Multifocal lens implants

What is a multi-focal intra ocular lens implant?

A multi-focal ocular lens is one that has multiple powers within the lens to see at distance, intermediate and near distances. There are many different types of multi-focal lenses and each surgeon has their preferences.  The lens of choice for many cataract surgeons in North Carolina is the Tecnis multi-focal lens. It has been successful for completely eliminating the need for glasses and providing patietns excellent vision at all ranges.  The patients I have seen with this lens have solid 20/15 vision in the distance and 20/20 vision for reading.

Am I a good candidate?

This lens is great for an active person who wants to completely eliminate the need for glasses. This lens will cost the patient more up front, but will allow more active living without the need for computer/reading glasses. Candidates for this are active patients who perform many tasks at many different distance who seek an active lifestyle free from glasses.


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