Eliminating Lens Fog Due to Mask Wear

With the mandates in numberous states to wear masks in public places, glasses lens fogging in July has become a problem. We all feel for chefs who deal with lens fogging daily.

Products To Reduce Glasses Lens Fog

1. Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo has long been a trick of divers and swimmers. Rinse your glasses with a mixture of shampoo and water.  Let your lenses air dry to avoid streaking.

2. Anti-reflective Coatings

There are several anti-reflective coatings that have been or are in development that have an innate anti-fogging property. There are two types of anti-reflective coating on the market at the time of post.  The products are called Anti-Fog AR and Optifog AR.  Optifog has been on the market for several years. It consists of a smart cloth used to apply an anti-fog treatment to both sides of the lenses to prevent fogging. This treatment also reduces glare and prevents scratches.  An Anti-Fog AR is applied to the back surface of the lenses with a no-glare applied to the front side.  Many other manufacturers are in the process of devising their own no-fog lens treatment.

3. Tape on the bridge of the nose

Putting a single piece of tape at the bridge of the nose keeps the mask close enough to the face, breathing will not fog the lenses.

Contact Lenses To Avoid Glasses Lens Fog

Switching to contact lenses can be a great option to permeantly eliminate fogging and eliminate glasses! Contact lenses are an option for almost everyone.  Multiple options and brands exist in new technology to provide great vision and all day comfort to everyone!


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