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Should I get Blue Light Glasses?

Blue Light Blockers Do blue light glasses actually eliminate eye strain? Computer Vision Syndrome is the result of hours of computer use.  Symptoms include: headaches, tired eyes, light sensitivity, and dry eyes.  Since COVID-19, Studies show the average computer use has increased from an average of 10.9 hours to 13.28 hours a day. Just when […]

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4 Reasons To Buy Your Glasses From Your Eye Doctor

Buying Glasses from Your Eye Doc In 2021, you can buy anything online, but there are still many reasons to buy from you local eye doctor’s eyewear shop. When you buy online, you are sacrificing fit and expertise for price. Like jeans, eyewear should be tried on. Customer Service You are unlikely to match the […]

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What are Transitions Lenses?

Photochromatic Lenses  What are Photochromatic lenses? Transition lenses are photochromatic lenses which change from light to dark depending on exposure to light. Millions of photochromatic molecules are activated by exposure to UV light from the sun.  Photochromatic lenses have been on the market for awhile, but the technology had improved significantly over the years.  More […]