Eyeris: The Newest Daily Lens

Eyeris is the newest daily lens on the market designed by optometrists. The lens allows us to offer great technology and comfort at an affordable price.  Eyeris lenses typically retail around $57 for a 90 day supply. This makes a year supply of daily contacts much more affordable. When compared to several brands of silicon hydrogel contacts, Eyeris lenses are cheap contacts. Currently, powers are available for distance, but near powers will be available soon.

What are Eyeris daily lenses made of?

Eyeris daily contacts are made of Hioxificion A. Hioxifilcon A is a copolymer of HEMA and glycerol methacrylate. The hydroxyl groups tightly bind water so it does not dry out like traditional HEMA. Hioxifilcon A material reportedly loses only 1 percent of its water content over 12 hours of lens wear. This makes it a material of choice for dry eye patients. The material, Hioxificon A is part of contact lens material group 2. Group 2 has a high water content and is non-ionic.  These lens materials have a proven track record of decreased protein buildup and less deposting, which means less risk of infections and healthy corneas.

What makes the Eyeris lens special?

Crisp, clear vision, healthy for the eye, and increased comfort for those with dry eye. Studies show up to 50% of soft contact lens wearers suffer from discomfort and dryness occasionally. There are many factors at play that may cause lens dryness including: lens surface lubricity and wettability, lens design, lens induced inflammation, and lens material. Recent studies have shown there may not be a difference in hydrogel and silicone hydrogels in comfort. Furthermore, hydrogel lenses may reduce the risk of infection of microbial keratitis and corneal infiltrates.

In patients with extreme dry eye like Sjogrens' patients, the lens has been shown to improve the appearnce of dry eye on the cornea such as corneal staining. When compared to habitual lenses, patients agreed they had less dryness, discomfort, and blurry vision.  

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