Computer Glasses for Eye Strain and Glare

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are a very generic term and can mean various things.

When online manufacturers such as Felix Grey or Amazon refer to computer glasses, they typically sell lenses without any prescription which may or may not have an anti-glare coating. This is unlikely to be of much benefit to the patient.

On the other hand, when optometrists or eye doctors prescribe computer lenses, they have a prescription to relax the eyes at the computer range.  Depending upon the patients age, occupation, and visual demands, several specific types of computer glasses may be recommended.

An eye exam is beneficial and necessary to determine a customized visual solution for your specific needs.

Symptoms of Computer/ Digital Device Use

Symptoms of computer and/or digital device can vary.  Typical complaints include end-of-day eye fatigue, eye discomfort, and headaches.  Headaches tend to be more frontal if caused by focusing or back of the neck if caused by posture.

Additional complaints may include: redness, dry eye, pain behind the eyes, inconsistent blurry vision, and difficulty focusing. Sometimes letters may appear to have shadowing or ghosting around the letters.

Using multiple monitors at different distances can exacerbate the problem.

Computer Lens Options for Eye Strain and Glare

Depending upon your eyes and the prescription found by the doctor, there are two primary choices for computer glasses.

When a doctor writes an RX for a computer glass this is typically for someone over 40 with a need to see at both desktop and laptop distances.  The lens can be thought of to be a multitude of distances from intermediate to reading distance. This lens is a great option for those who work at a computer all day. Wide viewing channels ensure the patient does not have to move their head often.  The lenses are ideal for reading a book, viewing recipes, viewing a phone, Ipad or Kindle. There is not a distance portion of the lens so those who need distance would be better suited for a progressive for daily use.  Computer lenses are ideal for leaving at your desk at the office.

If you are under 40 and spend lots of time on a computer or digital device, an anti-fatigue lens may be a better choice. Anti-fatigue lenses are perfect for children or students who must view both the board and their notes. It gives them clear vision at both distances.

All lenses should be treated with an anti-reflective coating. This is important for eliminating glare and reducing eye strain.

Both lenses are easy to use and make using a digital device more enjoyable!

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