The Best Solutions in Reading Glasses for Blurry Near Vision after 40

Do you have questions about reading glasses to improve your blurry near vision?

Will reading glasses help with blurry near vision?

Did your vision suddenly become blurry after age 40? This is a very normal occurrence due to anatomical changes in the eye. Presbyopia is a condition where the lens inside the eye becomes less flexible over time.  The onset can be anywhere around 40 and near vision will continue becoming blurrier until around age 60.

There is nothing a patient can do or has done to result in this change. Typically, vision become blurry for menus and phones first, then, progresses to computer and intermediate distances like desktop computers and the car dashboard.

Many early presbyopes have difficulty switching focus between looking at something up close to something in the distance. Focusing becomes difficult and makes the eyes feel tired at the end of the day.

Many people start with over the counter reading glasses, drug store readers or "cheaters."  However, they soon become frustrated with their vision limits or dislike blurry distance vision.

For certain occupations, the on and off nature of these reading options can become frustrating, and leave patients looking for another option.

The solution is eyeglass lenses or contact lenses.

Are reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Reading glasses will not make your vision worse, but they may not be the best and more comfortable solution for your eyes.  Without the correct power reading glasses, your eyes may still have to work too hard resulting in end-of-day eye fatigue, headaches or uncomfortable vision.

Over-the-counter reading glasses are like skiing in tennis shoes, it may be functional, but it's not the best and easiest solution.

What strength reading glasses should I get?

This is a common question asked of eye doctors, but it is not an easy one.

The problem with over the counter reading glasses is they come with only one power, and the same power in both eyes.

In today's world, no one works at only one distance. We use an array of different distance for our various digital devices.  If you only have one power in your lenses, you will only be able to see at one distance.  The same power will not work for both your desktop and laptop computers.

Furthermore, very few people have the same prescription between their two eyes.  If you have over the counter reading glasses with the same prescription, and your eyes are different, your eyes are working too hard.

Lastly, most people have a little bit of astigmatism.  This is an eye condition that leads to blur around the edges of letters, very similar to a halo effect.  Drug store readers do not have any astigmatism correction so your vision will always be blurry.

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