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Should I get Blue Light Glasses?

Blue Light Blockers Do blue light glasses actually eliminate eye strain? Computer Vision Syndrome is the result of hours of computer use.  Symptoms include: headaches, tired eyes, light sensitivity, and dry eyes.  Since COVID-19, Studies show the average computer use has increased from an average of 10.9 hours to 13.28 hours a day. Just when […]

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4 Things One Should Know About Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses Did you near vision become blurry overnight?  Presbyopia is the term for changes in the lens and muscles within the eye, which results in blurry near vision.  There is nothing you can do or that you did to prevent or cause presbyopia.  It happens to us all, and it becomes progressively worse between […]

Advanced Technology Eye Doctor Charlotte NC

Computer Glasses for Eye Strain and Glare

Computer Glasses for Eye Strain and Glare What are computer glasses? Computer glasses are a very generic term and can mean various things. When online manufacturers such as Felix Grey or Amazon refer to computer glasses, they typically sell lenses without any prescription which may or may not have an anti-glare coating. This is unlikely […]

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5 Things To Know About Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses? After 40 one’s near vision gradually becomes blurry. This is due to changes in the lens inside of the eye. The eye is unable to focus at near.  Eye doctors call this Presbyopia.  The solution for patients may include: reading glasses, computer glasses, contacts or progressive lenses. For a majority of […]

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Reading Glasses for Blurry Near Vision after 40?

The Best Solutions in Reading Glasses for Blurry Near Vision after 40 Do you have questions about reading glasses to improve your blurry near vision? Will reading glasses help with blurry near vision? Did your vision suddenly become blurry after age 40? This is a very normal occurrence due to anatomical changes in the eye. […]