Daily Contacts for 2021

Daily contacts are now the most popular modality of lens due to allday comfort and quality of vision.  Due to the increase in popularity, the choices on the market increase yearly.  There are many available at different price points depending upon patient needs. Switching a patient to a daily lens from a monthly modality can be life-changing.  Less inconvenience, eye infections, and comfort issues with contact lens wear.

Eyeris, Precision 1, and Infuse lenses may be a good option for a patient in 2021.

Eyeris Daily Contacts Lenses

Eyeris daily contacts were developed by optometrists as a low cost alternative, but maintaining the same comfort and vision provided by high cost daily lenses. The daily contact lens is a hydrogel lens which tends to drap over the cornea.  As it settles, it becomes more comfortable as the day progresses. This daily lens is one of the most affordable lenses at the best value on the market.  It can be a great option for new lens wearers, athletes or first time daily lens contact wearers.

Alcon Precision1 Daily Contact Lenses

Although there are many contact lenses on the market, I have found a unique patient subset for this lens. I found this lens comfort to be equalt to the Total1, but the vision quality to be better.  While the Total1 is an excellent lens for comfort, due to high water content, the vision seemed to suffer.  This was expecially evident in high myopes or those with a half diopter or astigmatism.

Bauch&Lomb Infuse Daily Contact Lenses

Baush&Lomb Infuse daily contact lenses are the newest daily lens on the market. They are the first silicone hydrogel daily produced by Bausch&Lomb. Bausch&Lomb research shows the contact lens maintains 96% of its moisture for 16 hours.  This could be a great lens for your computer users. Since the pandemic average computer use has increased from 9 hours to over 13 hours, and patients are feeling the difference in their contact lenses.

There are so many options in daily contacts in 2021, Start 2021 with the best comfort and vision!

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