Photochromatic Lenses 

What are Photochromatic lenses?

Transition lenses are photochromatic lenses which change from light to dark depending on exposure to light. Millions of photochromatic molecules are activated by exposure to UV light from the sun.  Photochromatic lenses have been on the market for awhile, but the technology had improved significantly over the years.  More color and adaptation options have led to increased popularity in recent years. All options can be viewed on the Transitions website.

 How do they work?

When Photochromatic lenses are exposed to light, trillions of molecules change structure. These molecules constantly recalibrate at a smooth rate so the optimal amount of light is able to reach the eye in all lighting conditions. Within the XTRActive type of lens, special moles are able to react to both UV light and natural visible light so they can even darken in the car.

Temperature has an effect on the reaction time of the particles. The lenses activate much quicker in warmer temperatures then cool temps. Signature Generation 8 Transitions are the latest most technologically advanced Transition lens.

What are the differences between the types of Photochromatic lenses?

Transitions Signature Gen 8

Signature Gen 8 is the newest Transition lens product.  It is the darkest product outdoors with the quicest return to clear to date. It is completely clear indoors with blue light blocking technology.

Transitions XTRActive

Transitions XTRActive is the first product to turn dark like a sunglass behind the windshield of a car. Before this product, the molecules were only activated by UV light, but now they are activated by natural visible light.  XTRAactive lenses are also available in several mirrored colors.

Transitions Vantage

Transitions Vantage lenses are the only lenses to both darken and polarize outdoors. Vantage lenses help to decrease brightness, reduce glare, and improve contrast.

Acuvue OASYS with Transitions

For the first time ever, Transitions are also available in a contact lens.  Acuvue OASYS are tried and tested biweekly contact lenses.  This technology has been great for extremely light sensitive patients and computer users.

Who would benefit from Photochromatic lenses?

Photochromatic lenses can be beneficial for everyone. They are expecially popular amongst children, outdoors professionals, athletes or those who do not want to carry multiple pairs of glasses.  Due to their inherent property to block blue light, they can be benefical to computer users.

Photochromatic lenses are never a subsitute for sunglasses, but are a great replacement for clear glasses lenses.

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