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5 Important Parts to an Eye Exam in Charlotte, NC

Eye Exam We hear often from patients that many parts of the eye exam we perform, they have never been tested for before. While our testing may take more time, there are reasons we perform the tests we perform. Pupil Testing Pupil testing is an important test to insure the patient’s pupils are responding properly. […]

autarchic eye exam charlotte nc slit lamp

3 Ways To Improve Eye Health for 2021

Healthy Eyes One of the most commonly asked questions of eye doctors remains “Is there anyway I can improve the health of my eyes?”While preventing your presciption from becoming worse or prevention of Glaucoma may not be possible, there are several practical things one may do to improve the vision and comfort of your eyes […]

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3 Treatments for Keratoconus in Charlotte, NC

Keratoconus Keratoconus is a corneal disease where the cornea becomes progressively thinner at the bottom. Keratoconus can be caused by both genetic and/or environmental factors.  As the cornea changes with the disease, vision becomes blurry and distorted over time.  These changes can not be corrected with glasses, but require surgical correction or contact lenses. Corneal […]

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3 Ways to Take Proper Care of your Contact Lenses

Lens Care Tips Proper care of your contact lenses is important to prevent eye infections and corneal scars. Contact lens care includes cleaning, storing, and which drops may be safe to use with contact lenses. In order to maintain proper hygiene and prevent long-term eye complications,  contact lenses should only be worn according to their […]

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Are Scleral Contact Lenses a Good Option For Me?

Scleral Contacts For Keratoconus, Astigmatism, and Hard-to-fit Corneas What is a scleral  contact lens? A scleral lens is a  large diameter gas permeable lens that is designed to bridge the entire cornea and sit on the sclera of the eye.  Due to the large size, it is more comfortable and stable than a traditional rigid […]

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Suffering from Itchy, Watery, Allergy Eyes?

Suffering from Itchy, Watery, Allergy Eyes? An allergy occurs when the immune system over-reacts to an allergen. An allergic response can be triggered by a change in environments, seasons or exposure to something new. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of allergic disease, and the number is increasing.  Charlotte, NC consistently ranks in […]

autarchic eye exam charlotte nc slit lamp

COVID-19, Contact Lenses, and Your Eyes

COVID-19 and its effects on the eyes COVID-19 is respiratory virus causing a worldwide pandemic.  Typical signs and symptoms of the virus have become well-known. Patients with a fever and/or respiratory symptoms, cough, shortness or breathe or having traveled over seas are considered suspect. Other less common symptoms noted can be headaches, loss of taste […]

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Why Scleral Contact Lenses are the Best Option for Keratoconus

WHY SCLERAL CONTACTS ARE THE BEST OPTION FOR KERATOCONUS Scleral lenses are made of a breathable polymer. They are designed to bridge the cornea and sit on the sclera of the eye, increasing comfort, and allowing high amounts of oxygen to the cornea. Because the cornea is one of the most sensitive tissues of the […]