Blue Light Blockers

Do blue light glasses actually eliminate eye strain?

Computer Vision Syndrome is the result of hours of computer use.  Symptoms include: headaches, tired eyes, light sensitivity, and dry eyes.  Since COVID-19, Studies show the average computer use has increased from an average of 10.9 hours to 13.28 hours a day. Just when we thought we spent a lot of time on our computer, it has dramatically increased!!

Social media influencers are responsible for the popularity of blue light glasses. Felix Gray and Warby Parker have made an entire industry out of it.

The science behind blue light glasses

Blue light lens manufacturers claim that by blocking short-wave blue light, eye strain can be eliminated and damage to the eye can be prevented. There is no evidence blue light damages eyes. The symptoms of computer vision syndrome are more likely to be caused by a decrease in blinking while using digital devices. A recent study by Ophthamology amongst 120 computer users found " Blue-blocking lenses did not alter signs or symptoms of eye strain with computer use relative to standard clear lenses."

Decreased blinking on the computer could be the culprit for uncomfortable eyes after prolonged periods of computer use. An average person blinks 10-15 times a minute; per some studies,  rate is decreased by 60%.  Some conflicting studies show little difference in blink rate on computers vs hard copy.

Solutions for eliminating Computer Vision Syndrome

Treat dry eye

Most of my patients in Charlotte, NC have dry eye.  Environmental and allergic conditions can exacerbate the condition.  Certain medications such as allergy or acne meds can contribute to worsening symptoms. Dry eye should be evaluated by an eye doctor to determine the best method of treatment. Over-the-counter artificial tears are typically a temporary fix and do not make a significant difference in the long-run.

Evaluate ergonomic posture

When asking patients about their home and office set-ups, I find that most sit at their desks incorrectly. This can lead to head, neck, and back pain.  Using desktops over laptops can be beneficial as well as sitting so your eyes are across from the top of the screen. If you are a progressive lens wearer and are not sitting at your screen correctly, you will be using the wrong part of the lens.  Instead of using the intermediate with more power, you may be using the distance. This can lead to end-of-day eye fatigue.

Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor

In place of blue light glasses without a prescription, many patients would benefit from a small computer and reading prescription to relax their eyes. Even though your vision may be 20/20, does not mean glasses are not beneficial to you.  An evaluation of your near vision and near vision tasks may help an eye doctor improve your computer vision syndrome.

Put your phone down!

Head outside, but make sure you wear your sunglasses for UV protection!


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